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The Wild Moors
(Contains 37 photos)
Exploring the moors is my passion, so it is natural that this Portfolio contains the bulk of my work. I am surrounded by the moors, I see them every time I look out of my window. I am haunted by the beauty of the moors in all their changing seasons.
Recent Work
(Contains 8 photos)
As it says on the tin - recent photos.
Ancient Voices
(Contains 16 photos)
For at least 10,000 years man has lived on these moors and he has left traces of his existance. This Portfolio tries to capture some of that artifacts he has left behind, whether it is old tombs, stone circles or prehistoric rock art.
Forgotten Voices
(Contains 10 photos)
Man has lived and worked the land for thousands of years, old lead miners 'T'Old Man' has left traces of his workings on these hills, and old shafts, levels, tracks, chimneys and byways can still be seen.
Other Areas
(Contains 24 photos)
I live a stones throw next to the iconic Yorkshire Dales, and although the majority of my work is on the moorland I do venture North to the Dales often to photograph the limestone karst and mountains.
(Contains 13 photos)
This Portfolio contains miscellaneous images I have taken.